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From Davide Giannella <dav...@apache.org>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.3.14 released
Date Fri, 22 Jan 2016 09:29:15 GMT
The Apache Jackrabbit community is pleased to announce the release of
Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.3.14 The release is available for download at:


See the full release notes below for details about this release:

Technical task

    [OAK-3637] - Bulk document updates in RDBDocumentStore
    [OAK-3645] - RDBDocumentStore: server time detection for DB2 fails
    due to timezone/dst differences
    [OAK-3739] - RDBDocumentStore: allow schema evolution part 1:
    check for required columns, log unexpected new columns
    [OAK-3843] - MS SQL doesn't support more than 2100 parameters in
    one request
    [OAK-3845] - AbstractRDBConnectionTest fails to close the
    [OAK-3851] - RDB*Store: update PostgreSQL and MySQL JDBC driver
    [OAK-3852] - RDBDocumentStore: batched append logic may loose
    property changes
    [OAK-3867] - RDBDocumentStore: refactor JSON support
    [OAK-3868] - Move createSegmentWriter() from FileStore to
    [OAK-3873] - Don't pass the compaction map to FileStore.cleanup


    [OAK-2592] - Commit does not ensure w:majority
    [OAK-3470] - Utils.estimateMemoryUsage has a NoClassDefFoundError
    when Mongo is not being used
    [OAK-3634] - RDB/MongoDocumentStore may return stale documents
    [OAK-3646] - Inconsistent read of hierarchy
    [OAK-3653] - Incorrect last revision of cached node state
    [OAK-3769] - QueryParse exception when fulltext search performed
    with term having '/'
    [OAK-3826] - Lucene index augmentation doesn't work in Osgi
    [OAK-3838] - IndexPlanner incorrectly lets all full text indices
    to participate for suggest/spellcheck queries
    [OAK-3848] - ConcurrentAddNodesClusterIT.addNodesConcurrent()
    fails occasionally
    [OAK-3849] - After partial migration versions are not restorable
    [OAK-3856] - Potential NPE in SegmentWriter
    [OAK-3859] - Suspended commit depends on non-conflicting change
    [OAK-3863] - [oak-blob-cloud] Incorrect export package
    [OAK-3864] - Filestore cleanup removes referenced segments
    [OAK-3872] - [RDB] Updated blob still deleted even if deletion
    interval lower
    [OAK-3882] - Collision may mark the wrong commit
    [OAK-3891] - AsyncIndexUpdateLeaseTest doesn't use the provided


    [OAK-2472] - Add support for atomic counters on cluster solutions
    [OAK-3577] - NameValidator diagnostics could be more helpful
    [OAK-3727] - Broadcasting cache: auto-configuration
    [OAK-3791] - Time measurements for DocumentStore methods
    [OAK-3812] - Disable compaction gain estimation if compaction is
    [OAK-3830] - Provide size for properties for PropertyItearator
    returned in Node#getProperties(namePattern)
    [OAK-3836] - Convert simple versionable nodes during upgrade
    [OAK-3841] - Change return type of Document.getModCount() to Long
    [OAK-3847] - Provide an easy way to parse/retrieve facets
    [OAK-3853] - Improve SegmentGraph resilience
    [OAK-3857] - Simplify SegmentGraphTest
    [OAK-3861] - MapRecord reduce extra loop in MapEntry creation
    [OAK-3877] - PerfLogger should use System.nanoTime instead of
    [OAK-3885] - enhance stability of clusterNodeInfo's machineId
    [OAK-3890] - Robuster test expectations for FileStoreIT

New Feature

    [OAK-3819] - Collect and expose statistics related to Segment
    FileStore operations


    [OAK-3799] - Drop module oak-js
    [OAK-3803] - Clean up the fixtures code in core and jcr modules


    [OAK-3874] - DocumentToExternalMigrationTest fails occasionally

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