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From Sally Khudairi ...@apache.org>
Subject The Apache News Round-up: week ending 20 May 2016
Date Fri, 20 May 2016 14:28:38 GMT
>> this announcement is available online at https://s.apache.org/ACO1

A friendly reminder to all to demonstrate your love for our projects and appreciation for
all our volunteers' hard work by giving full attribution: e.g., "Apache Cassandra", "Apache
Hadoop", "Apache Spark", etc. After all, #BrandMatters. Here's what happened over the past

ASF Board –management and oversight of the business and affairs of the corporation in accordance
with the Foundation's Bylaws. 
- Next Board Meeting: 15 June 2016. Board calendar and minutes available at http://apache.org/foundation/board/calendar.html

ASF Infrastructure –our distributed team on four continents keeps the ASF's infrastructure
running around the clock. 
- 7M+ weekly checks yield great performance at 98.50% uptime http://status.apache.org/ 

ApacheCon™ –the official conference series of The Apache Software Foundation. 
- Session recordings are available at http://feathercast.apache.org/tag/apacheconna2016/ 
- Next up: Europe! 14-18 November 2016 in Seville, Spain. Details forthcoming at http://apachecon.com/

Apache BookKeeper™ –a reliable replicated log service. 
- Apache BookKeeper 4.4.0 released http://bookkeeper.apache.org/releases.html 

Apache Jackrabbit™ Oak –a scalable, high-performance hierarchical content repository designed
for use as the foundation of modern world-class Web sites and other demanding content applications.

- Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.2.15 and 1.5.2 released http://jackrabbit.apache.org/downloads.html

Apache Jena™ –an Open Source Java-based framework for building Semantic Web and Linked
Data applications. 
- Apache Jena 3.1.0 released http://jena.apache.org/download/ 

Apache JMeter™ –used to test performance both on static and dynamic resources (files,
Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers and more). 
- Apache JMeter 3.0 released http://jmeter.apache.org/download_jmeter.cgi 

Apache Mahout™ –an environment for quickly creating machine learning applications that
scale and run on the highest performance parallel computation engines available. 
- Apache Mahout 0.12.1 released http://mahout.apache.org 

Apache Tajo™ –a Big Data warehouse system on various data sources. 
- Apache Tajo 0.11.3 released http://tajo.apache.org/downloads.html 

Apache Tika™ –a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content
from various documents using existing parser libraries. 
- Apache Tika 1.13 released http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/tika/apache-tika-1.13-src.zip

Apache Tomcat™ –a Web server that is an Open Source software implementation of the Java
Servlet, JavaServer Pages, Java Expression Language and Java WebSocket technologies. 
- Apache Tomcat 8.5.2.BETA and 9.0.0.M6 released http://tomcat.apache.org/download-80.cgi
and http://tomcat.apache.org/download-90.cgi 

Did You Know? 

- Did you know that over the past 2 weeks, 7,486 people sent 79,054 messages on 41,412 topics
across 616 Apache lists? https://lists.apache.org/ 

- Did you know that Salesforce uses Apache Phoenix OLTP and operational analytics for Apache
Hadoop in its Trusted Enterprise Platform? http://phoenix.apache.org/ 

- Did you know that we're always looking for great ways to highlight Apache projects in our
"Did You Know" campaigns? Send your success stories to <press@apache.org>! 

Apache Community Notices: 

- Find out how you can participate with Apache community/projects/activities https://helpwanted.apache.org/

- The list of Apache project-related MeetUps can be found at http://apache.org/events/meetups.html

- Apache NiFi will be featured in the UAE Big Data Group MeetUp in Dubai on 23 May 2016 http://www.meetup.com/UAE-Big-Data-Group/events/231157498/

- Apache Kafka will be featured in the San Antonio DevOps MeetUp 23 May 2016 http://www.meetup.com/SanAntonioDevOps/events/230908138/

- The In-Memory Computing Summit will take place 23-24 May 2016 in San Franciscso http://imcsummit.org

- The next HBaseCon will take place 24 May 2016 in San Francisco http://hbasecon.com 

- Apache Kudu will be highlighted on 25 May 2016 in Plano http://www.meetup.com/DFW-Cloudera-User-Group/events/230547045/

- The SF Bay Area Apache Phoenix MeetUp will hold the first-ever PhoenixCon on 25 May 2016
in San Francisco http://www.meetup.com/SF-Bay-Area-Apache-Phoenix-Meetup/ 

- The Philadelphia Analytics Meetup will feature Apache SystemML on 25 May 2016 http://www.meetup.com/Philadelphia-Analytics-Meetup/events/231102733/

- The Scotland Data Science & Technology MeetUp will feature Apache Spark on 26 May 2016
in Edinburgh http://www.meetup.com/Scotland-Data-Science-Technology-Meetup/events/229687801/

- The London Machine Learning Study Group will feature Apache Quarks on 26 May 2016 http://www.meetup.com/London-Machine-Learning-Study-Group/events/230434565/

- MesosCon will be held 1-2 June 2016 in Denver http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/mesoscon/

- The next CloudStack Collaboration Conference will take place 1-3 June 2016 in Montreal https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/apache-cloudstacktm-conference-montreal-2016-tickets-23815552960

- Berlin Buzzwords will be held 5-7 June 2016 http://berlinbuzzwords.de/ 

- CFP is open for the next Cassandra Summit 7-9 September 2016 in San Jose https://cfp.cassandrasummit.org/

- CloudStack Collaboration Conference Brasil will take place 29-30 September 2016 in Sao Paolo

- ApacheCon Europe will take place 14-18 November 2016 in Seville, Spain http://apachecon.com/

- The Apache Software Foundation Operations Summary: Third Quarter, Fiscal Year 2016 (November
2015 - January 2016) is availbable at https://s.apache.org/9zLj 

- Are your software solutions Powered by Apache? Download & use our "Powered By" logos

- Show your support for Apache with ASF-approved swag from http://www.zazzle.com/featherwearand
http://s.apache.org/landsend--all proceeds benefit the ASF! 

= = = 

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and follow @TheASF on Twitter. For a broader spectrum from the Apache community, https://twitter.com/PlanetApache
provides an aggregate of Project activities as well as the personal blogs and tweets of select
ASF Committers.

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