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From Nick Kew <...@apache.org>
Subject Apache Portable Runtime and Utilities 1.6 released
Date Wed, 14 Jun 2017 21:52:01 GMT
The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache Portable Runtime
Project are proud to announce the General Availability of version
1.6 of the Apache Portable Runtime libraries.

Now available from https://apr.apache.org/ are:

 * The Apache Portable Runtime (APR) version 1.6.2
 * The APR Utilities library (APR-UTIL or APU) version 1.6.0

Users of earlier versions are recommended to upgrade
both libraries, although it is also possible to upgrade
them individually.

The Apache Portable Runtime libraries provide cross-platform
APIs that relieve developers of the need to deal with platform
differences.  They serve as a Write-Once-Run-Anywhere layer for
programs written in C (or with C linkage) such as Apache's HTTPD
(web server) and Subversion (revision control system).
They also offer programmers facilities usually associated with
higher-level languages, such as memory and resource management.


Please see the CHANGES files for details of programming changes.
Although APIs have been been introduced, this release is fully
compatible at both source and binary level with programs developed
using earlier APR-1.x/APR-UTIL-1.x versions.

Externally visible changes that affect build and/or installation are:


- Build files find_apr.m4 and apr_common.m4 are now exported
  for the benefit of packagers.


There are a number of updates to how APR-UTIL deals with external

- XML:

  - Expat sources are no longer bundled, this is now an external
    dependency. You must install expat on your system to use APR-UTIL
    (expat is installed as standard on most systems).  If you are
    building APR-UTIL, you may need to obtain expat 2.2 or later
    from https://libexpat.github.io/ or depending on your system's
    packaging policies, install their expat-dev or expat-devel package.
    Note that 2.2 addressed some security vulnerabilities of earlier
    libexpat project releases.


  - OpenSSL support is updated to support OpenSSL version 1.1.

  - Apple's CommonCrypto is supported for Mac and IOS platforms.


  - MySQL support has been updated as advised by the MySQL developers.
    MySQL versions older than 5.5 should not be used.  Or if you
    do use an old MySQL version, you will need to hack the build
    to use the thread-safe libmysqlclient_r version of the library.

  - FreeTDS partial and incomplete support has been dropped.
    Users of MSSQL and SYBASE databases are recommended to use
    the ODBC driver instead.

The Apache Portable Runtime Project

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