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From Lars Eilebrecht <Lars.Eilebre...@unix-ag.org>
Subject Re: config/717: Strange behaviour of AccessConfig
Date Mon, 23 Jun 1997 12:12:04 GMT
> Synopsis: Strange behaviour of AccessConfig

> Do you have any <Directory> sections which apply to the cgi that's
> being executed?  I've walked through the code ... and unless I
> blow away all my <Directory> sections I'm having a hard time repeating
> your problem.  An Options directive outside a directory section is very
> weak, and is overridden by any directory/location/files or .htaccess.

Maybe you misunderstood me... Here's an minimal example I just
tested (on a different machine).

The main server config reads:

  ServerName www.main.tld
  AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
  DocumentRoot /foo/main
  AccessConfig conf/main-access.conf
  <VirtualHost www.virtual.tld>
  DocumentRoot /foo/virtual
  AccessConfig conf/virtual-access.conf

main-access.conf _only_ includes:

  <Location />
  Options All

virtual-access.conf is set to:

  <Location /test>
  Options None

A CGI script placed at /foo/main/bar.cgi can be executed as it should be,
but also a script named /foo/virtual/test/x.cgi can be executed.
Maybe I'm wrong with my assumption that the "<Location /test>" directive
for the virtual host overrides the main server config and sets Options
to None, but with <Directory> directives it works.

Maybe it's only a problem with the Options directive, because using
other directives inside the obove Location directive inside the
virtual-access.conf they are working without any problem.
Eg. using

 <Location /test>
 Options None
 deny from all

Please it again.
Lars Eilebrecht

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