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From Dean Gaudet <dgau...@arctic.org>
Subject Re: os-qnx/684: broken compilation of utils from support directory
Date Mon, 21 Jul 1997 01:20:15 GMT
On Fri, 18 Jul 1997, Igor N Kovalenko wrote:

> Unfortunately, patches you sent me does not fix any of noticed problems,
> introducing a new one (potentically) :-)
> It looks like you just did not saw patches I sent to Apache group. 
> But anyway, it is good idea to read os-qnx/684 again :-}
> Basically, following _must_ be changed:
> 1. support/Makefile.tmpl
> 	a) Both targets htpasswd and htdigest _REQUIRE_ -lunix to be compiled.
> 	b) suexec.c requires dummy definition for initgroups(), like in
> src/utils.c

Ah yup, I just committed fixes for these to 1.3-dev.

> 2. src/Makefile.tmpl
> 	your patch mention multithread.h (twice), which does not exists. make
> dislike it.
> 	I tried to remove it and everything was ok. So, if this header is just
> missed, 	there	should be no problems.

Yeah this would be because Ken's patch was against 1.3-dev.

> And this one _should_ be changed (although, this corresponds to another
> request):
> 1. src/Configure 
> 	QNX wants HAVE_MMAP 
> 	(with appropriate patches to http_main.c, which I sent as well).

Yep they're being considered.  (This is pr#683).

I'm going to close out 684 since it looks like we've already dealt with


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