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From C...@PROCESS.COM (Rodent of Unusual Size)
Subject Over-quoting in messages to the bugdb!
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
    Come on, people, please check the mail headers before you forward a
    reply into the bugdb!  I've been seeing a lot of replies that
    originally Cced GNATS getting forwarded there *again*, apparently
    because the forwarder thought it wasn't.  The result is that PRs are
    getting filled up with multiple copies of the same stuff.

    So *please* make sure "apbugs" *wasn't* on the distribution before
    you forward a message to it "for the record."

    Also, when replying with a Cc to apbugs, *please* reduce the amount
    of quoting you do of the original message to just what's relevant.
    It happens less now, but for a while a two-line reply would have the
    original 40-line original message quoted at the bottom..

    Just MHO.

    #ken    P-)}

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