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From m...@hyperreal.org
Subject Re: os-irix/2050: Compile-time warnings for Apache 1.3b5 on IRIX 6.2
Date Fri, 10 Apr 1998 03:28:00 GMT
Synopsis: Compile-time warnings for Apache 1.3b5 on IRIX 6.2

State-Changed-From-To: open-closed
State-Changed-By: marc
State-Changed-When: Thu Apr  9 20:27:59 PDT 1998
The "= instead of ==" warning is bogus; the comment above
that line says this is intentional.  Other compilers like
gcc figure out that it is intended by the extra ()s around
the expression.

I don't think it is worth messing with options for the
optimization failure thing; it is very version dependent,
very compiler dependent and doesn't result in anything breaking,
just not being optimized as well.  I don't see it on a
6.2 system using cc.

The regex errors are just it being too verbose; there is nothing
wrong with the code, and the breaks are there for good
programming style.

The -lsun one should only happen if you enable the IRIXNIS
rule; on some IRIX versions it is required to make it work,
it should only be pre-5.x versions, but...

Thanks for the suggestions.

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