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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@hyperreal.org>
Subject Re: protocol/2107: Additional arguments for fixing PR#1464 ("Range: 0-" bug)
Date Wed, 06 May 1998 22:28:30 GMT

First I wanted to say, you're right, a request with a "Range: bytes=0-" in
the header will not have a "Accept-Range: bytes" in the response, in the
current CVS code.  That can easily be changed - I currently think the way
to change it is just to always send "Accept-Range: bytes" when an ETag and
Last-Modified header are sent.  Thoughts?

At 10:55 AM 5/6/98 +0400, =?koi8-r?B?4c7E0sXKIP7F0s7P1w==?= wrote:
>If the server supports the Range header and the specified range or
>ranges are appropriate for the entity:
>o  The presence of a Range header in an unconditional GET modifies
>   what is returned if the GET is otherwise successful. In other
>   words, the response carries a status code of 206 (Partial
>   Content) instead of 200 (OK).
>As I read it - "the presence of a Range header" cause "the response
>carries 206 instead of 200"

As Dima noted, the server may ignore the Range: header, even if it supports
Range requests, so what we're doing is not in violation of the HTTP
specification, nor its spirit.


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