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From Ben Kelley <ben_kel...@wdr.com>
Subject Re: mod_jserv/4790: ajp11: cannot scan servlet headers in mod_jserv.log
Date Fri, 30 Jul 1999 03:10:01 GMT
The following reply was made to PR mod_jserv/4790; it has been noted by GNATS.

From: Ben Kelley <ben_kelley@wdr.com>
To: apbugs@hyperreal.org, jserv-bugdb@apache.org
Cc:  Subject: Re: mod_jserv/4790: ajp11: cannot scan servlet headers in mod_jserv.log
Date: Fri, 30 Jul 1999 13:08:32 +1000

 Not sure if replying to this mail will go anywayere, but I have more
 information. I can reproduce the bug, and have a workaround.
 The chain of functions is convoluted, but I can now easily reproduce the
 First, you need a servlet that returns a "Last-Modified" header. The
 idea here is to produce a 304 response code. Telnet to the web server on
 the appropriate port, and type "GET /servlet/uri HTTP" (press enter
 twice) where /servlet/uri is the URI of your servlet. Copy the date from
 the Last-Modified line.
 Now telnet again, and type:
 GET /servlet/uri HTTP
 If-Modified-Since: date
 (press enter twice)
 Here, "date" is the date you copied from the Last-Modified header on the
 previous request. This should produce the error. (If the date you supply
 here is less than the date returned previously, you get the correct
 output from the servlet.)
 Basically, the function ap_meets_conditions (in Apache 1.3.6 core code)
 correctly decides that it should send a 304 response. This 304 gets
 returned to ap_scan_script_header_err_core (in Apache 1.3.6 core code).
 This gets returned to ajpv11_handler (in Jserv 1.0 code). Oddly,
 ajpv11_handler barfs if it gets a non-zero response back.
 The function ajpv11_handler is getting a 304 back, and so it is giving
 this error message. This is weird. I suspect perhaps it shouldn't die if
 it gets anything non-zero back. IMHO, 304 isn't an error condition.
 As a workaround, if you stop your servlet sending a "Last-Modified"
 header, the problem goes away.
             - Ben Kelley.
 apbugs@hyperreal.org wrote:
 > Thank you very much for your problem report.
 > It has the internal identification `mod_jserv/4790'.
 > The individual assigned to look at your
 > report is: jserv.
 > >Category:       mod_jserv
 > >Responsible:    jserv
 > >Synopsis:       ajp11: cannot scan servlet headers in mod_jserv.log
 > >Arrival-Date:   Thu Jul 29 01:10:01 PDT 1999
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