>Number: 6279 >Category: mod_include >Synopsis: echo var shows < when the variable contains a tag >Confidential: no >Severity: non-critical >Priority: medium >Responsible: apache >State: open >Class: change-request >Submitter-Id: apache >Arrival-Date: Wed Jul 05 13:20:01 PDT 2000 >Closed-Date: >Last-Modified: >Originator: jmdoren@ok.cl >Release: 1.3.12 >Organization: apache >Environment: SuSE 6.4 >Description: i have a .shtml that contains some general definitions for my site ----- definitions.shtml -------- --------------------------------- a lot of pages are like this ------- page.shtml -------- some code.... ----------------- on previus versions this echo showed the "less than" sign fine, now it shows "lt;" and the tags dont works... >How-To-Repeat: as described >Fix: i tried using \< ""<"....." $< I think that "\<......" is more natural (like C) >Release-Note: >Audit-Trail: >Unformatted: [In order for any reply to be added to the PR database, you need] [to include in the Cc line and make sure the] [subject line starts with the report component and number, with ] [or without any 'Re:' prefixes (such as "general/1098:" or ] ["Re: general/1098:"). If the subject doesn't match this ] [pattern, your message will be misfiled and ignored. The ] ["apbugs" address is not added to the Cc line of messages from ] [the database automatically because of the potential for mail ] [loops. If you do not include this Cc, your reply may be ig- ] [nored unless you are responding to an explicit request from a ] [developer. Reply only with text; DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS! ]