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From David LeBlanc <whis...@oz.net>
Subject os-windows/7501: Upgrading an Apache Installation on Windows is much harder then it should be.
Date Mon, 02 Apr 2001 01:15:06 GMT

>Number:         7501
>Category:       os-windows
>Synopsis:       Upgrading an Apache Installation on Windows is much harder then it should
>Confidential:   no
>Severity:       non-critical
>Priority:       medium
>Responsible:    apache
>State:          open
>Class:          sw-bug
>Submitter-Id:   apache
>Arrival-Date:   Sun Apr 01 18:20:00 PDT 2001
>Originator:     whisper@oz.net
>Release:        1.3.19
Windows NT Workstation 4.0sp6a
Apache.org pre-compiled binary.
1. Deleted apache_win32-1.3.17-src.msi to make room for 1.3.19 install.
2. Downloaded apache_win32-1.3.19-src.msi
3. Running 1.3.19 install says that since there is a previous version of Apache installed
it can't continue <--- THIS IS BOGUS!!!!!!!!!
4. Run remove app from control panel
5. Can't find apache_win32-1.3.17-src.msi to do removal <- EXTREMELY BOGUS!!
6. DOWNLOAD apache_win32-1.3.17-src.msi to do removal!!!!!
7. Run uninstaller which has to UNPACK 2.8 MB of FILES TO UNINSTALL! swapswapswapswap.
8. Install 1.3.19 - fails to note that it needs to be one level above the intended install
directory, so ends up in /apache/apache. Also fails to mention that pre-existing files (conf
etc.) will be preserved (aren't they?). Get a lovely "License Error notification" which means
nothing to me and is slightly scary - what license???
10. Install 1.3.19 which decides this time around to automatically install itself as a service.
Get the "License Error Notification" AGAIN.
11. Uninstall 1.3.19 etc. etc. etc.
12. Installed 1.3.19, get license error again. See button that says install standalone only
for me... NOT what I wanted at all. I want to install it to be used by any user, but only
manually started.
Do above steps - get frustrated beyond belief!
1. Make it so that Apache can install itself over an existing installation if that's what's
wanted. (Consider using a rev qualifier on the registry keys to allow parallel installation:
apache\1.3.17\whatever, apache\1.3.19\whatever.)
2. Make it so that you don't have to UNPACK 2.8MB OF FILES TO DO UNINSTALL. Consider NOT using
MSI if that's what it takes!!!!! Make it so that uninstalling does not require the .msi file
(or whatever - but #1 would solve this anyway.
3. Make the installation smart enough to know that if the path ends with "apache" that it's
probably a mistake and either fix it or prompt the user with the path you've been told to
install to so that they CAN SEE THE GOOF. Display to the user the path and other install options
in any case on the "press install" to start installation dialog.
4. Make the install type (service vs. stand-alone) more prominent and also allow the user
to install it for all users (which you may have to tell them that they have to have administrator
priviledges to do).
5. Get rid of bogus "License Error". NOTE that this claims to be writing some error to the
Event Log: it does not, nor is there any text info about the error in the notification dialog.
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