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From <k...@sra-tohoku.co.jp>
Subject Re: mod_cgi/7580: [PATCH] CGI environment REQUEST_URI did not hold original URI after redirection
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 08:15:31 GMT
Excuse me if this interrupted...

rbb@covalent.net wrote:
>> http://localhost/
>> the environment variable REQUEST_URI was set to 
>> /
>> Before this change, the environment variable REQUEST_URI was set to
>> /index.cgi

I needed 1.3-ish REQUEST_URI because
* it broke my CGI scripts, and
* otherwise there is no way to get the client's original Request-Line

I guess the problem roots that 
* REQUEST_URI wasn't originally a CGI env; it was escalated from mod_rewrite
  and thus definition is unclear (no docs)
* REDIRECT_URL was intended for _error_redirect_ to get the original
  URL-which-caused-the-error, but ~2.0.16 code doesn't consider and 
  just sticks in r->prev->uri.
  Redirections occur for / -> /index.html too.

As I wrote in PR#7580 these envs are nonstandard and semantics could
be changed around, but at least I want to be provided the client's
original request URI.
Otherwise I have to craft things like mod_orig_uri just to 
extract r->the_request.


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