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From Jitendra Kumar <jk...@yahoo.com>
Subject Problem with running perl scripts in apache
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2001 12:53:12 GMT
I am currently experiencing some strange Apache
behavior at my Windows 98 machine. I would like to
request for expertise in this area to 
assist me in this issue, and therefore, I would
greatly appreciate it 
if you can bring in an Apache consultant or expert as
soon as possible.

Below is a detailed description of the problem
Apache has started refusing to honour the following
line in the httpd.conf configuration file:

ScriptAlias /mis/tsd/autobase/cvrs/cgi

The error log says:

No such file or directory: couldn't spawn child

The file
which is a perl script is existing at its expected

Previously, Apache was working very well. We had to
reinstall Windows 98 for some reason and also Apache.
The problem is occuring both with Apache 1.3.3 and
with 1.3.12 since then. I have several times
reinstalled these Apache versions but with no avail. I
also tried to configure Apache with Comanche, but same
problem appears.

I am unable to run any of the perl scripts due to this

I am also having the following line in the httpd.conf
configuration file after ScriptAlias directive:

Alias   /mis      /mis

This directive is working correctly.

When I interchange the positions of the two
directives, i.e., when I write the following:

Alias  /mis   /mis
ScriptAlias /mis/tsd/autobase/cvrs/cgi

I get even more severe error in the log file which I
am giving below:

File does not exist:

which means that Apache doesn't even read the
ScriptAlias directive in this case

please help

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