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From universallend...@qwest.net
Subject Historic "LOW" Interest Rates Available ...7448
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2001 19:36:32 GMT
<table width=620 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=10 border=4 bordercolor=000000>
<tr><td colspan=2 bgcolor=000000>
<font face=Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica size=4 color=FFFFFF><b>4.75% Loans with "0"
Down and "0" Closing Available !!!</b></font>
</td></tr><tr><td valign=top width=150 bgcolor=000000>
<font face=Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica size=2 color=FFFFFF><b>
<li>New Home Loans
<li>Debt Consolidation
<li>Debt Consultation
<li>Auto Loans
<li>Credit Cards
<li>Student Loans
<li>Second Mortgage
<li>Home Equity
<center><A href=http://www.get-quotes-right-now.com/dont_delay/index.asp?Afft=QM3><font
face=tahoma,arial,helvetica size=4 color=FFFFFF><B>Click Here To<br>JUMP-START<br>your
Plans for<br>the Future!!!</b></FONT></A></center>
<font face=Arial,Helvetica size=3 color=000000><b>Dear Homeowner,</b>
<p align="left"><font face="times new roman, times" size=3 color=000000>Interest
Rates are at their lowest point in 40 years!
We help you find the best rate for your situation by matching your needs with hundreds of
lenders!<br><br><A href=http://www.get-quotes-right-now.com/dont_delay/index.asp?Afft=QM3><font
face="tahoma,arial,helvetica" size=3 color="009000"><B>Home Improvement, Refinance,
Second Mortgage, Home Equity Loans, and More!</b></a></font><br><br>Poor
credit ? ... NO Problem, We "CAN" Help !!<br><br>This service is <font face="arial,helvetica"
size=3 color="000000"><B>100% FREE</b></font> to home owners and new
home buyers without any obligation.
<BR><br>Just fill out a quick, simple form and jump-start your future plans today!</font><br><br>
<A href=http://www.get-quotes-right-now.com/dont_delay/index.asp?Afft=QM3><font face=verdana,arial,helvetica
size=5 color=00B000><B>Click Here To Begin</b></FONT></A>
</font><font size=1><br><br></font></p></td></tr></table>
<table width=600 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0>
	<tr><td><font face="arial,helvetica" size=1><br>Please know that
we do not want to send you information regarding our special offers if you do not wish to
receive it.  If you would no longer like us to contact you or you feel that you have received
this email in error, you may <a href="http://www.get-quotes-right-now.com/automatic/first.asp">click
here to unsubscribe</a>.</font></td></tr>



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