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From "marie kabila" <kabilm...@37.com>
Subject yr attn sir/madam
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 09:25:29 GMT
Dear Sir/Madam

I am the wife to the late head of state,President lauren Kabila of Congo Democrati republic
 who was assasinated by his aid

I am right now in a serious need of your assistance to help me receive the fund that was deposited
to a security company in Spain as a result of preasure from the government on me and we have
ran out of any fund and my children are not the same any more.

This fund was deposited in a security firm with the help by some highly powered Diplomatic
contact in conjuction with the then Central Bank Governor  of Congo Democratic.It was declared
as Diplomatic personal effect and moved to a security firm in Spain via their ECOWAS Office
in West Africa.A certificate of deposite was issued on my name as the beneficiarry.The amount
is $30.1M USD consilled in One trunk box declared as Diplomatic Personal Effect.

Becuase of the death of my husband,the present Governement was bent on getting all the fund
with us.They were able to get all they could trace but unforturnately for them and forturnately
for me and my children,they could not discover the fund already moved to Spain

Now,because of these problems, I needed the assistance of a trusted individual that I will
now present to the company  as my Foreign Partner to help receive the fund since the fund
is not in Africa and morover I would not want my name mentioned or my children becuase of
any trace hence my contacting you to act as the beneficiary and My Foreign Partner to receive
the fund.Already I have been asked by the company in Spain to send the name of the beneficiary
to pick up the consignment.Every arrangement has been concluded. AlI I  will have to do will
be to present you as my foreign partner  and obtain  a Power of Attorney from the company
here giving an authority /empowering you as the bonafide beneficiary  and with the documents
that I will send to you,you can now conviniently have to go and now claim the consignment/fund
from the company and now move the fund in to your accounts or to open a trust account where
you will move the fund into.

Now, as soon as you get the fund, you can now work out ways for my Son Manga who will have
to come to meet with you for the shearing.I and my children have agreed to give you 30% of
the total fund,10% for any expenses we may incure,30% you will put into a trust account for
me,30% you will use to set up a business I and my children will live with and you will assist
in running the company.As soon as all these are concluded, I will now have to move my children
out of congo.

You should use your name in setting up a business.Note, I will send to you a memorandum of
understanding for us to keep to our promises.For you to release my share and for me to keep
to my promise of giving you the percentage promised.

If you can assist,I will need you to send to me your phone ,fax numbers and your address to
enable me forward the details to the company to obtain the document and have them sent to
you by fax.

As soon as I receive your details,I shall forward the details of the security company in Spain
to you.

May God bless you while I await your kind response.

Madam Marie Kabila

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