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From Pamela Paco <p...@netbizniz.zzn.com>
Subject Learn and Earn...Join For FREE!
Date Mon, 23 Dec 2002 12:38:13 GMT

I'm sending you this letter to introduce to you a
legitimate home based business for a good extra
income. So I didn't waste my time to share to you
this tremendous online business opportunity that
really works. But if this letter bothers you at any
cost, please accept my deepest apology for doing
so. But if not, just lend me just little of your
time and read this.

My name is Pamela Paco. I would like
to invite you to join the time tested 
online opportunity. 

For the past 5 years the program created a
great name in the online network marketing
world. It generates tremendous number of 
subscriptions worldwide. It produces many 
successful individuals in all walks of life. 
It has an excellent track record to date.

The marketing plan has been improved 
frequently to adopt the ever changing online 
market and to give the members the maximum 
benefits and satisfaction.

It has a high payout compensation plan with 
unlimitted and secured residual income streams.
A monthly compensation that you can depend on.

The activities are very simple. No experience 
needed. It is designed to work right in your 
home. If you have 10-15 hours a week, then you 
can easily succeed in this business.

It has an excellent online training site where 
you can learn how to succeed in the online 
market. The lessons covers, basic and professional 
prospecting, leadership, tap root networking, etc.

It has a powerful support system. Its the best
support system I ever encountered. A team of 
upline sponsors that will assist you, guide 
you and support you in every step of the way 
to success. The team would even help you build 
up your own downlines. That's what we call 
TEAM work.

If you want to have more information about this 
business opportunity, just get a FREE membership 
ID by sending an email to pamela_paco@hotmail.com 
with the subject "REGISTER ME FOR FREE" and put 
your Firstname and Lastname in the body of your 
email. Also include the following statement"

"By submitting a request for a FREE DHS Club 
Membership I agree to accept email from the 
DHS Club for both their consumer and business 

As a Free member you can enjoy lots of benefits 
and even start earning. 
COMMITMENT, and you can cancel your membership 
anytime you want.

You have nothing to loose and definitely a lot 
to gain.

Test drive our program and we will show you how 
to do the business. We even build up downlines 
for you. You can watch your downline grow and 
have the opportunity to earn from them.


Sincerely yours,
Pamela Paco

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"Remove Me" if you wish to be remove from my
mailing list and to no longer receive emails from me.

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