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From antispam <t29w0...@lsanca1-ar6-4-65-107-191.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net>
Subject Automatically Blocking Spam
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2003 17:32:26 GMT


<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=540>
    <TD width=538 bgColor=#ffaa99 colSpan=2><FONT size=2><I><FONT 
      style="FILTER: dropshadow(color=#336699, offx=3, offy=4, positive=1); WIDTH: 550px;
COLOR: #ffffff; FONT-FAMILY: Arial Black; POSITION: relative">TheVeryBest 
      - Software Downloads</FONT></I></FONT></TD></TR>
    <TD align=middle width=538 bgColor=#0066cc colSpan=2><SPAN 
      style="WIDTH: 60px">&nbsp;</SPAN><FONT face=verdana 
      color=#ffffff><B>Top-Rank Software Download Site on the 
      Internet</B></FONT><SPAN style="WIDTH: 60px">&nbsp;</SPAN>
      face=verdana color=#ffffff size=1>
      <SCRIPT language=JavaScript>
 var days = new Array("","Sun","Mon","Tue","Wed","Thu","Fri","Sat");
 var months = new Array("","Jan","Feb","Mar","Apr","May","June","July","Aug","Sep","Oct","Nov","Dec");

 var dateObj = new Date()
 var day = days[dateObj.getDay() + 1]
 var month = months[dateObj.getMonth() + 1]
 var date = dateObj.getDate()
 document.write(day + ", " + month + " " + date)
 // -->                                                                
    <TD vAlign=top width=748>
      <TABLE width=748>
          <TD width=740 colSpan=2><FONT face=arial size=2><A 



            Remedy v1.5 PRO</A></FONT></TD></TR>
          <TD width=534><BR><FONT face=arial size=2><IMG height=32 
            src="http://getfreestuff.dv6.net:24315/ads/logo.gif" width=32 border=0></FONT><FONT

            face=arial color=#00aa66 size=4>Spam Remedy</FONT><FONT face=arial


            height=19 src="http://getfreestuff.dv6.net:24315/ads/buy.gif" width=55 

            height=19 src="http://getfreestuff.dv6.net:24315/ads/download.gif" width=55 
            <HR color=#236801 SIZE=1>
          <TD width=534><A 

            height=236 src="http://getfreestuff.dv6.net:24315/ads/screen.gif" width=270 align=right

            border=0></A><FONT face=arial size=2><B>Description:</B>

            <BR><BR><B>The powerful, effective and intelligent anti-spam

            tool.<BR>It automatically cleans spam messages out of your mailbox 
            before you receive or read them. </B><BR><BR>Features:<BR>
              <LI>Automatically Blocking Spam<BR>Spam Remedy automatically 
              checks your mail boxes and <A 

              unwanted, dangerous, or offensive mail messages to save your time 
              from manually detecting and organizing mail messages. 
              <LI>Effectively Spam <A 

              complex <A 

              Intelligence</A> algorithm has been used in Spam Remedy product to 
              detecting legitimate mail messages and spam messages,the technique 
              has more precision than other filter-based and keyword-based <A 

              <LI>Be Sure You Get Your Right Mail Messages<BR>Spam Remedy 
              doesn't confirm a spam message by a single keyword in mail 
              content. It <A 

              the entire message - source, headers and mail content to confirm 
              whether it is a spam message. 
              <LI>Supports Multiple Email Types and Almost All Email Clients 
              <BR>Spam Remedy supports POP3, Hotmail/MSN, IMAP4 and MAPI email 
              accounts,Directly works with almost all email clients(Outlook 
              Express, Becky Mail,Foxmail,Outlook, The bat!, Eudora etc.), 
              espacially includes support for web-based Hotmail/MSN email 
              clients. Nothing you need to change to your email clients! 

              to use</A>&nbsp; - You don't need to set any complex filter rules,

              just add your email accounts to Spam Remedy and then it works. 
              <LI>Friends List and <A 

              List</A><BR>With Friends List and <A 

              List,</A>you have the chance to decide who are never blocked or 
              directly treat their mail messages as spam. 
              <LI>Keep your inbox <A 

              Remedy places all intercepted spam messages to its i<A 

              mail database</A> so that your inbox remains uncluttered and free 
              of spam.If for some reason a legitimate email is flagged as spam, 
              you can <A 

              recover</A> in multiple ways. <BR><BR>Editor's Rating:<A


              height=18 src="http://getfreestuff.dv6.net:24315/ads/4horse.gif" width=100 border=0>

    <TD align=middle width=538 bgColor=#0066cc colSpan=2 height=20><FONT 
      face=verdana size=1>Copyright 2002-2003 <A 

      Group</A>&nbsp; All Rights Reserved. 

<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0 align=center>
<tr><td bgcolor=#CCCCCC>
<table width=600 border=0 align=center cellpadding=4 cellspacing=2>
  <tr valign=top> 
    <td bgcolor=#FFFFFF> 
			<font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif" color="black">
<b>This email</b> has been sent by the <b>DV6.NET</b>. 
We do NOT take any direct subscribers to our lists,
but a lot of partners around the world mailing our newsletter to their legally obtained email
addresses only.
We do understand that when you have subscribed to any service from any of our partner you
may not wanted to subscribe to this list,
but just have forgotten to uncheck some checkbox and right now you want to correct this and
We give this possibility to any customer using our <b>TRUE-REMOVE </b> system.
Remove procedure is easy and will take you only 10 seconds of time.
Just send blank message to <a href="mailto:optout@dv6.net?subject=(!!!)SPAM-ABUSE-FOR-WM-hardsexcentral"
style="text-decoration: underline; color: #252D54;"><b>optout@dv6.net</b></a>
and you will get the UNSUBSCRIBE CONFIRMATION within 10 minutes!
You may also describe up to 10 emails in your message body and they will be unsubscribed too.

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			<font face="Verdana" size="1" color="black">
<b>Please note</b> that <b>DV6.NET</b> emails can be used ONLY for
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If you still consider receiving this letter to be an error and u want us to investigate the
situation - 
please contact us at abuse@dv6.net and you will get UNSUBSRIBE CONFIRMATION within 10 minutes
and your complain will be proceed in urgent manner.
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			<font face="Verdana" size="1" color="black">
<b>Our unsubscribe</b> database are being propagated within our partners every
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but please allow up to 48 hours for your remove request to proceed.
After receiving unsubscribe confirmation (you will get it within 10 minutes after request)
it will take us maximum 48 hours to remove your address from any database our partners have
and you will not hear from <b>DV6.NET</b> NEVER again.

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