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From "P. Ottlinger" <pottlin...@apache.org>
Subject Re: RAT not working equally on all platforms?
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2019 20:53:16 GMT
Hi *,

Am 18.01.19 um 13:57 schrieb Christofer Dutz:
> I have spent the last few days hardening the PLC4X build by running it on loads of different
systems, operating-systems, library versions and even network infrastructures.
> One thing I noticed that a build on a windows machine may fail by rat complaining a file
(particularly a Wireshark PCAPNG binary file) not having an Apache header.
> However the exact same build runs smoothly on Linux and Mac … What could be the reason
for this?

it's well known that RAT has some encoding problems.

Not sure if that may cause your issues?

If there's a direct thing to be filed as a bug, feel free to file it in
the RAT area :-)


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