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From Maj Justin Seiferth <seife...@erols.com>
Subject GUI Handling of Modules
Date Tue, 01 Jul 1997 22:37:42 GMT
In putting together the prototype Java interface for Apache I'm having
some trouble coming up with a nice metaphor/system for handling
modules.  Here are the problems I see:

    - you don't know definitively from the configuration files what
modules are compiled in (there may not be any tell-tale directives in
the config files) so you'll have to either parse and use the server
footprint spewed out by one of the server directives or force the
administrators to manually enter some sort of info on the modules for
the configuration server to use.

- once the configuration server is "module aware" you'll still need to
modify the user interface to enable/disable the configuration of certain
modules.  This implies a setup protocol and the hiding/display of some
dialoges based on the protocol.

- finally,  what's the best way to develop the configuration screens for
the modules- parse the server footprint and dynamically generate the
configuration dialogues based on that information, use some sort of
preconfigured data for dynamically generating the configuration dialoges
or just develop custom setup dialogues for all the modules and then just
display/hide them as appropriate.

What are your thoughts?


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