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From Randy Terbush <ra...@zyzzyva.com>
Subject Re: Protocols and Plans
Date Fri, 15 Aug 1997 20:19:09 GMT

As part of this project, I would like to see the necessary support 
for the protocol become a standard part of Apache. Given the 
dedication to support for public standards that the Apache group 
strongly believes in, I think that the chances for adoption of a 
unique standard are slim.

Reasons for using SNMP:
* SNMP is capable of doing everything we need to do.
* There is already work being done on an HTTP MIB.
* There are hundreds of tools available to access a service 
  supporting SNMP. (Perl, Tcl, etc)

Reasons for not using SNMP:
* Something else for us to learn.
* Provides more depth of service than we probably need.

I'm redirecting this discussion back to the list. Even though there 
has not been much discussion in there, this might as well be there 
so that others interested can comment.


>   It is possible to use both protocols.
>   I believe that the choise should be based on expirience with the
> server itself (Apache)
>   so we can choose the protocol closer to the Conf. files themself's.
>     My pref. would still be our own protocol - It's really not hard at
> all to create a StreamParser class or something both for the applet and
> the server.
>    This is bacause doing that, would allow me to start work immediatly,
> not addapting
>  to the SNMP  protocol, or the toolkit.
>   Of course, if it's way not good for our needs, I'l work with SNMP.
>   We first have to choose wether the applet send commands which are
> proccesed by the
>  server to directives or the applet will make the figure-out itself.
>    If so, additional services will simply be configured by another
> applet ( like a plug-in )
>  and the services writer (if it's not Apache group) could use the GUI
> advantages without
>  the need of telling us to recompile and re-distribute the new Conf.
> server.
>    Chatting is a little  hard to arrange, do u have IRC client? I'l be
> using irc.ibm.net.il
>  as the IRC server. My nick is ussualy CyberGod,  or DiGiTaLNT and I'm
> connected
>  about from 23.00 (evening)  to 02.00 or so. Israel is GMT +2.
>    Regards, Baron Roman alphax1@ibm.net

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