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From Randy Terbush <ra...@zyzzyva.com>
Subject Future of configuration
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 14:38:04 GMT
Since Dean just raised the question in gui-dev about "what are 
ya'll up to" I thought I would post back to this list a brief 
synopsis of what the 2 or 3 active persons are working on since it 
is somewhat relevant to discussions about config file syntax.

Justin Seiferth and Roman Baron have been working on a Java based 
configuration frontend that Justin originally showed us some time 
back. http://butler.disa.mil/ApacheConfig/

My main feedback to what is going on in this list has been an 
attempt to find a common ground protocol that we can give to any 
interface developer which would allow any number of text based, 
Java, Tcl, etc. interfaces and should provide us some portability 
to other platforms like Win32.

SNMP seems to me to be the logical choice here as there has been an 
HTTP MIB under development that I think Harrie Hazewinkel has been 
involved with. I've not had success reaching Harrie to get his 
feedback on SNMP issues. Perhaps Dirk knows what's up with Harrie?

As for how this relates to current discussion about added 
directives and other configuration languages, I _personally_ think 
that abstracting the configuration language out of the core would 
be a good thing. Adding SNMP to manipulate the servers 
configuration data directly would offer a rather standard API that 
could even be portable to other web servers given that they could 
adopt the same public standard. Feedback from Harrie on this issue 
would be very helpful.

Given a config API to work with, I personally relish the idea of a 
telnet accessed config using similar syntax to that of a cisco 

On disk storage formats could then be optioned to:

* SQL database
* DB format
* current text format
* Win32 Registry format (god help us)
* etc.

Obviously all 2.0 issues.

In a nutshell. Comments solicited.


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