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From Randy Terbush <ra...@zyzzyva.com>
Subject Re: GUI-Dev
Date Wed, 20 Aug 1997 13:41:29 GMT
Can we please make sure these make it to gui-dev? Other people need 
to see this discussion.

> > > But I maybe you didn't got my concern here. I will explain.
> > > As I understand it you have the configuration variables in memory,
> > > but how do they go into Apache for configuration??
> > > As you know, Apache is written in the C-language. Or do you want to
> > > go for the option where your configuration tool write in a file
> > > and then gives Apache a 'SIGHUP'??
> > >
> >
> Bingo- as a start we'd just "communicate" with apache via it's config
> files.  In future, once this whole system is up and operational and
> there is perhaps a mod_monitor or mod_snmp then we can gradually fold
> this functionality into the server.  To my thinking the server would
> have to be threaded before something like this could come to pass so
> first things first. But using SNMP as a configuration language from the
> start would make this this integration much easier and keep the number
> of protocols required down to a minimum of one.


Harrie has already written a mod_snmp. This is where I don't agree. 
The SNMP functionality needs to go in the server. As he pointed 
out, we will need to write the config MIB, but I'm excited to have 
a look at his tool to generate the C code from the MIB.

> > > This part is what I not completely get, maybe you can explain this??
> > > An SNMP solution should be that the SNMP agent inside Apache
> > > completely configures it. Something as the configuration tool
> > > speak SNMP with the Apache agent and the SNMP-SET changes
> > > directly the appriopriate variables in Apache (runtime).
> > >
> > > HH
> >
> Right now the configuration server would be a separate process on the
> machine hosting the web server.  The configuration server would read and
> then write changes to the configuration files and then HUP the web
> server.  We can have the configuration server find out about the modules
> installed in the web server by parsing the result of apache -h (I think
> this is the flag- there's a flag which causes apache to spit out info on
> which modules/options are compiled in similar to the information
> displayed by mod_config.)

In my opinion, the config server is just an added exercise that 
really isn't needed. You probably weren't aware that Harrie has 
given us a start with mod_snmp.

> All the authorization can be handled by sockets or SNMP (built in
> there).  Hopefully we won't have to deal with CGI...  We can do things
> without encryption, etc. at first and then fold that in- we just have to
> keep security in mind during the build.  If the broker (glue between the
> application code and classes doing the actual communication) is built
> correctly, we can plug in authorization with minimal changes to the
> application source.
> >  p.s. Randy: Don't forget will use RSA keys in the password auth. part,
> > does CGI supports them?

I think that you would be better off writing a key authentication 
module for Apache.

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