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From Randy Terbush <ra...@zyzzyva.com>
Subject Re: GUI-Dev
Date Wed, 20 Aug 1997 14:07:29 GMT
> Harrie Hazewinkel wrote:
> > This part is what I not completely get, maybe you can explain this??
> > An SNMP solution should be that the SNMP agent inside Apache
> > completely configures it. Something as the configuration tool
> > speak SNMP with the Apache agent and the SNMP-SET changes
> > directly the appriopriate variables in Apache (runtime).
> >
> > HH
>  Right, well I'm not very clear with that one too.
>  U see, at first, our plans were to create a program external to Apache,
> without making any chenges to Apache.
>   That's why Java is used. But, it seems  that Randy (tell me if I'm
> wrong)
>  ( and that's the only thing looks I understand ) wishes a better
> integration with Apache.

Correct. I see no reason to separate the two at this point. 
Basically, I want to see integration of a protocol in Apache that 
we can use for configuration. I'm not real excited about a GUI 
interface. If there is a protocol we can both work with, we can all 
accomplish our goals of the ideal interface.

>   I'm still for an external program. My biggest problem is lack of
> expirience & knowledge in Apache, and that's what's motivating me to
> make as less integration possible, in order
>  that I can start writing the server as soon as possible.

If we use SNMP and Harrie's mod_snmp, you'll only need to teach 
your config client to speak to a specific port on the server.

>  Randy: What is Perl got to do with it? We're constructing different
> program.

The Perl comments were from Dean Gaudet. It is possible now with 
mod_perl to handle most of the configuration issues using Perl.

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