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From Brian Behlendorf <br...@organic.com>
Subject Re: The server structure
Date Tue, 26 Aug 1997 18:44:33 GMT
At 01:02 PM 8/26/97 -0400, Mark A. Imbriaco wrote:
>> This (confile) will have to be in sequential (line number) order and
>> there should be one instance per conf file.  The apache group is moving
>> towards storing everything in one (httpd.conf) file but most sites I
>> think still do it the old way (httpd.conf, srm.conf, access.conf).  I'm
>	Actually, it was my understanding (from lurking on the Apache
>	Group mailing list) that the move was not so much to a single
>	config file, but to an arbitrary number of config files, and
>	replacing both AccessConfig and ResourceConfig with a new
>	directive.  (ConfigFile was suggested..)  AccessConfig and
>	ResourceConfig will probably end up as synonyms to ConfigFile
>	for compatability's sake.

"Include".  It's been committed to the current CVS tree for 1.3.  


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