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From Roman Baron <alph...@ibm.net>
Subject Server Template
Date Sat, 09 Aug 1997 16:33:10 GMT
  Hello all, I wanted to notify u I finished a VERY basic server
 It's a skeleton for the real server, flexible enough to use any of the
protocols we discuss.
 As for what's left, ( Justin can u send it to me? Randy, Harrie can u?
) here it goes:

 1. All of the config files to work on ( I mean all of them )
 2. Justin's planning for multu-server config ( More speciefic later )
   (The next things are my job, not to be sent etc.)
 3. The applet-server exchannge protocol
 4. The conf file parser ( Peace of cake once I have the config files )
 5. Justin can u update me where u r in tthe applet (etc. what features
are already on ) It   have some bugs, so I can't see all of the features

 6. Multi-server connection (That's later )

 That's all I think, A couple of days work and I'm done I think :) at
least until we decide to use SNMP......

 Randy: Do u have the binaries of the Apache for NT port? It''s sorta
BIG to install
 VC 5.0 now ( a few hundred megs etc.) thou I have it (VC 5).

 I'm working with VJ++ 1.1 it's not supporting the new JDK right now, so
RMI and Serialize are (for the moment) out of the question (that's the
way u write this?).
 Workshop 2.0 Beta is very messy about new Projects, not to mention it's

 It took me an hour anf a half for the template, so u see that the
protocol is slowing us down.

   Next part: Multi-server configuration ( Justin that's especially for
u )

    Justin wrote in the documentation about a version which will enable
the configuration of multiply servers, so I wanted to know what does it
 1. Each command u send goes to all servers ( That would be impossible,
since each server has a slightly different config )
 2. U have a bunch of Servers on the side of the applet windows, u
choose one, and the command goes to it

 I've planned the server to route (forward) the commands ( chages, sets,
etc. ) to some other servers, I just wanted to know if to route all or
just the marked ones (Let the protocol decide how ).

------ Important  --------
  Are we all registread at the mailing list? If so, lets just send the
messages there, cause
 I have 4 copies of the last one :)

  Regards all, ( Hope this didn't put u to sleep now ), Roman Baron

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