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From Roman Baron <alph...@ibm.net>
Subject Re: Server Template
Date Mon, 11 Aug 1997 19:41:20 GMT
     Hi all
   This is in three parts, each for every one of ya, but ur welcome to
add any comments:

   1. Randy: What did u mean when u said that I should loose the
multifile legacy?
       After all, we're going to use the standard (three?) config files,
but I believe they
       have a similar structure, so I'l base my parser at this one.

   2. Justin: I still don't understand the structure of multi-server
      Here's an example: ( This 'Directive' shhows the allowed access
dirs )
      Server a:   Directory \etc\home
      Server b:   Directory \etc\home2
     Now for each dir (for example) u have a list of access rights:
       <directory \etc\home2>
     When u modify the home2 access rights, server a would return an
error, cause he never had the dir or it's rights.
     Further on, u might want to config one server at a time my
suggestion would be:

                               The applet

  Server1                             Command: _________________
  Server2                             Param: ____________________
  Server3                            ______                     | Send |

       U select a server (or more )  from the left side, and the command
is to be send there
  ( Easy to achhieve with our protocol whatever will it be ).
   Also, the server iss VERY slow on my machine (pentium 166 32M DCache)

  Is this OK? It's not running at NT at all!!! I'l send u the files
later, privatly (to reduce
  the size) OK? pls Compile & Run it. Thanx

  Harrie: What RFC describes SNMP? I'd just like to see the basic
'commands' used by this protocol.

  Peace & Love (eg. nice huh?), Roman Baron alphax1@ibm.net

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