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From Roman Baron <alph...@ibm.net>
Subject Re: Future of configuration
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 19:47:07 GMT
  The commincation protocol between the clein/server config. is now the
slowing issue.
  I cannot make a clear choise partly because I'm not really familiar
with SNMP, and partly bacause me bahing not familiar with Apache server.

  Though, I leave that choise to u guys, I'l try here to show a bit what
I intended to do at first.

   Mainly all of the directives are named, and grouped, very similar to
.INI windows files.
 Each may have many parameters, but this is the basicc syntax.

   We've decided (Am I right?) that the Applet should be the one who
points the server to the exact directives, to increase flexibility.
Thus, the applet must be able to send a CHANGE ( or SET for da matter )
request to the server, passinng the Name, Group,
and paramters of the directive. For example:
    /SET GroupName DirName parameter string\n
    /GET GroupName DirName parameter string\n
    /ERR Code Description
we can also add:
   /ADD GroupName DirName parameter string\n
   /MOV GroupName DirName parameter string\n
Add will be able to add the parameter to the curreent paramter list, MOv
remove it accordingly.
 Add/Mov commands could also be used for adding directives, for
"plug-ins", etc.

 Those are the basic, thou search and other cap. can be added later,
this text based protocol will be used to transport messages.

   It's close to ur offer Justin, and I believe it's less troubble for
us to create a parser for this than learning and convering to SNMP. But
as I said, the choise is yours :)

     Regards, Baron Roman alphax1@ibm.net

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