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From Maj Justin Seiferth <seife...@www.disa.mil>
Subject Re: Future of configuration
Date Mon, 18 Aug 1997 20:58:51 GMT
Instead of bolting SNMP "into" Apache, we had discussed writing a small
but separate "configuration" server which might in future have some real
time relationship with the web server but would initally just read/write
the configuration files.  It would reconfigure Apache by restarting it
once the configuration changes had been completed.  So, SNMP could
potentially be used to send/receive configuration information to this
configuration server and perhaps once Apache becomes threaded the
configuration stuff could either be melded into the main web server or
the configuration server could be expanded to allow real-time
communications.  For the time being though- one step at a time :)

BTW, any and all expertise/advice in SNMP / MIBs is appreciated.  We're
considering using the Adventnet Java toolkit as advertised on

Justin "man of a thousand e-mail addresses" Seiferth

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