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From Roman Baron <alph...@ibm.net>
Subject Re: GUI-Dev
Date Wed, 20 Aug 1997 16:30:13 GMT
 Important thing u all should notice.

 We have a lot of discution here about SNMP,MIB's (Men in black?) and
those mod_*.

Pls remember, that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ARE THEY

 I'd guess what is SNMP, but I never used it before, MIB's are realy new
to me
 ( That's cause it's the first time I get to hear the word )
 Not to mention mod_* which are?

 This is kinda confusing. Pls explain it.

 Anyhow, I see u plan to get the conf. server inside Apache. That's
possible, but u have to remember that we have to take one step at a
time, and not build it fully blown-up
immediatly. After all, the idea was the GUI, and we're all talking about
better integration, and stuff. - We can make a first prototype to modify
files - Just like Apache group have made the server non-threaded at
first, then modify it.

 As I metioned earlier, converting from the Directives shadow at memory
 will require quite a work (and study as for me ) , while using
Serialize and RMI will
 require minimal coding.

 p.s. What do we need CGI for? Isn't Java & C++ (with java2c?) powerfull

 Also, please explain what do u mean integrating it into Apache, how,
when, and what for

  Bye all, regards, Roman Baron alphax1@ibm.net

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