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From Maj Justin Seiferth <seife...@www.disa.mil>
Subject mod_snmp
Date Wed, 20 Aug 1997 18:04:49 GMT
I've been trying to find this module (mod_snmp)- has it been released?
I didn't see it on Randy's corporate server.  Regarding the separate
server vs. integration with Apache off the bat- I'm real nervous about
the changes that I'd guess would be necessary (for instance to handle
directive changes like those included in <DIRECTORY> tags on the fly or
to establish a new virtual server on the fly).  I'm afraid we'd get hung
up by loads of changes to the core and that would take over the primary
effort of eliminating the perception that Apache is hard to configure.

Working through the config files at first seems like a cleaner solution
to start from also I think it lends itself to the management of many
servers at once (for instance, we maintain a corporate directory of IP
addresses which now much be manually folded into each and every machine
on our intranet).    I think once it was working it could be much more
easily folded into the core but I'll defer to those with more experience
in the core.

Are we getting wrapped around the axle on this or is it a key issue?  I
see the transition into the core once we worked through all the issues
and got a prototype working as a thing which can be easily handled.
(Meaning most of the code would move over intact).  I can send out a
paper I wrote on handling data structures for this if it would help
clear up my ideas.


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