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From Maj Justin Seiferth <seife...@www.disa.mil>
Subject Rational and more on the subject than you ever wanted to know :)
Date Thu, 21 Aug 1997 17:21:18 GMT
First of all (and I apologize for this use of bandwidth) I've attached a
couple of papers I wrote on both the server and data structure design I
had come up with a few months ago.  The Server_Docs.html especially
contains some background on why I thought (and still think) the
configuration (as opposed to status) system should be controlled by a
daemon separate from the web server.  Please note I think this
discussion concerns only the setup of the server and is independent of
the protocol used to configure the web server.

The primary reasons (and please comment on my logic here) are:
    -- keep bloat out of apache
    -- minimize load on the system
    -- some marginal increase in security (web server doesn't need write
permission to
       content or conf files)
    -- better scalability to multiple machines and services
    -- easier to drop into an existing installation
    -- less volatility with Apache version changes
Anyway, please read the papers and let me know what you think.


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