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From Roman Baron <alph...@ibm.net>
Subject The server structure
Date Fri, 22 Aug 1997 10:38:09 GMT
    Hi all.
 I've just read Justin's DOC (or just as much as i could :)) on the
server's structure in detail. I've found something like blackspots (for
me etc.) so I'd give u my perspective
 on that:

 Please remember that it based on Serialization and that's not yet
decided to go,
 So, I'l change that part if neccesary.

  The Server

 The server is constructed with the next structure:

   *  Main class - Initializes all others, monitors for locks
        o     User thread - responsible to handle the users input (i/o)
        o     Machine class - will include all ConfFile classes in a
             +  Parser class - is responible for loading and saving
               files themselfs ( Includes Directive class)
             +  ConFile class - this includes all parameters of a config
               file such as lock, directives, etc.
                  + Directive class - this includes a single directive
                    and it's paramters


        o  The interface is handled by the User thread
        o  The locks are synchronize() based
        o  Locks are one per conf. file
        o  Interface uses Serialize to exchange Directive objects
        o  User thread includes (objects of) Machine
        o  Parser class will gennerate the ConFile objects
        o  Multiply users are allowed
        o  Multiply machines are allowed

      So what do u think? This way, all I have to do to change the
interface is Change some code at the user
  class, and it won't affect any others at all!

    We can always convert it with java2c to C code ( We should test if
serialize is supported by the outcomingg code )

   Let me know what u think, hope the background wasn't too big, Regards
all, Roman

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