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From Maj Justin Seiferth <seife...@www.disa.mil>
Subject Re: Server Template
Date Mon, 25 Aug 1997 18:20:03 GMT

>   Justin wrote in the documentation about a version which will enable the
> configuration of multiply servers, so I wanted to know what does it mean:
>  1. Each command u send goes to all servers ( That would be impossible, since each
> server has a slightly different config )
>  2. U have a bunch of Servers on the side of the applet windows, u choose one, and
> the command goes to it
 As you know, an applet isn't allow to connect to any machines other
than the one from which it was served so all commands must be routed
through the originating machine. The adventnet java kit for SNMP
includes a facility which will forward commands to other servers but I
wouldn't worry about particular feature just yet- to me it's just
something to keep in mind.

> 1. All of the config files to work on ( I mean all of them )
I sent httpd.conf and srm.conf to you previously- if you check you old
mail you should find them.

> 5. Justin can u update me where u r in tthe applet (etc. what features are already on
> It   have some bugs, so I can't see all of the features
The "basic", "capacities" and "messages" dialogs are all functional.  I
will be updating the web site soon.  The web site croaks because some
images needed for bitmaps were somehow corrupted.  These three dialogs
should be sufficient to configure a basic site but I'm working hard on
the rest of the dialogs as well.

P.S. If any/all of you are also on the gui-list just let me know and
I'll relay only to there so you won't get multiple copies.


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