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From Maj Justin Seiferth <seife...@www.disa.mil>
Subject Re: The server structure
Date Tue, 26 Aug 1997 19:12:43 GMT
My comments on your class layout.

> The Server
>  The server is constructed with the next structure:
>       Main class - Initializes all others, monitors for locks
>               User thread - responsible to handle the users input (i/o)
>               Machine class - will include all ConfFile classes in a hashtable
>                 Parser class - is responible for loading and saving files themselfs (
>                Includes Directive class)
>                 ConFile class - this includes all parameters of a config file such as
>                lock, directives, etc.
This (confile) will have to be in sequential (line number) order and
there should be one instance per conf file.  The apache group is moving
towards storing everything in one (httpd.conf) file but most sites I
think still do it the old way (httpd.conf, srm.conf, access.conf).  I'm
not sure that this class really needs to exist, it's just an ordered
list of instances of file directives.  We need to make sure (if this
file does exist) that it can for instance pull out all the directives
associated with a specific virtual server (to update them or eliminate
them if we're deleting a virtual server).

>                     Directive class - this includes a single directive and it's
>                     paramters
I think an instance should also contain what type of value is valid for
the directive (boolean, filepath, IP address, etc).  This will allow
some error checking.  I'd also recommend the use of a "meta-data"
pointer- this will allow the system to store some sort of help, for
instance what org or site an IP address in the access list is associated
with. The directive class should also maintain a "context" value- that
is what server/directory/file the instance is associated with.  This
will allow the manipulations I talked about in my comments to the
ConfFile class.

>        Detailes
>            The interface is handled by the User thread
Will there be a broker so we can isolate the communications code from
everything else?  I need to replicate this broker on the client.

>            The locks are synchronize() based
Physical locks on the files yes to prevent hand-editing of the files
while someone is using the config server. There also probably need to be
locks on individual instances of a directive.  This would allow someone
to manipulate, for instance, the access permissions of a particular
directory under the ServerRoot of a server without locking out someone
else from changing some other parameter of the server.

>            Locks are one per conf. file
See above

>            Interface uses Serialize to exchange Directive objects
>            User thread includes (objects of) Machine
>            Parser class will gennerate the ConFile objects
>            Multiply users are allowed
>            Multiply machines are allowed
Something to tackle later I think (the multiple machines thing).  The
multiple users requirement can be taken care of by the per-directive

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