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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <ridru...@gtex-pracs.us.es>
Subject Hi. SNMP and TCL
Date Tue, 07 Oct 1997 15:14:23 GMT


	I am new to the list, but I have read all past messages. though I can
not still figure out what is going on :-)

(Q)  Have you  agreed in what protocol will be used to communicate with the
configuration server/daemon/apache module/whatever?

*If it is SNMP:
If any of you is thinking in doing it in tcl/tk the front end (since it runs
on UNIX, MAC, Windows) I have an address you might want to check. It is
about a set of freely (and quite good) available TCL libreries for SNMP.


I would like to join anyone who plans to make the GUI on tcl/tk, since it is
what I know, it is portable and I really think is nice. Please let me know
so not to duplicate efforts :-)

*TELNET like (show config, etc):
Another reason for choosing tcl/tk would be that if finally the
telnet approach is chosen and its automation is achieved through, say,
expect, it would be also nice to do it in tcl/tk since expect is also
an extension for tcl/tk

*For those developing in Java: there are also SNMP stacks freely available
out there. try http://wwwsnmp.cs.utwente.nl/Docs/ietf/impl.html

Thanks very much for your time. I would really appreciate some feedback



Daniel Lopez Ridruejo        "When men were men and wrote their own drivers"
E-Mail: ridruejo@zipi.us.es                                    Linus Torvalds

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