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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <ridru...@gtex-pracs.us.es>
Subject Comanche web page
Date Thu, 23 Oct 1997 14:25:05 GMT


	I have just put a web page about my GUI project in


It is still very very alpha and does nothing by now
I would like comments and ideas from you. My main goal is to make a
user-friendly  fool-proof but still powerful interface
I would specially like comments on the logical structure (I am thinking about
something like IIS GUI, I do not like the server but I like the GUI although it
is very limited) and if you are already using a GUI what do you like/dislike
from it.

Thanks in advance



Daniel Lopez Ridruejo        "When men were men and wrote their own drivers"
E-Mail: ridruejo@esi.us.es                                    Linus Torvalds

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