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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <ridru...@gtex-pracs.us.es>
Subject Re: Newbie question
Date Fri, 01 May 1998 16:52:09 GMT

Hello Elli,

If I had to recommend anything I would recomend to edit files by hand, since 
none of the tools are of production quality. Having said this, the only really
working *NOW* and that supports all directives is comanche. If you want to
know the exact status you just have to download it and try by yourself.

Please mail me with coments about what can be improved.

Best regards


Eli Marmor said:
> > * The dot file generator is no longer maintained
> > * Linuxconf project has an apache module
> > * Apachecfg comes with redhat distribution but so long I have not been able to
> >   find a homepage for it
> > * Warpaint (ugh!)
> I have to recommend a tool to a customer. This customer needs it
> *NOW*, and I don't know what is the exact status of COMANCHE now.
> What tool (of the 4 mentioned + COMANCHE) can be recommended? The
> criteria, of course, is how comprehensive is the tool (i.e. number
> of supported directives, etc.). I know that most of the tools are
> still in Alpha/Beta, but sometimes test-fields versions are better
> than not to use anything, or even than final versions of worse
> products.
> Thanks in advance,
> -- 
> Eli Marmor
> marmor@elmar.co.il
> El-Mar Software Ltd.


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E-Mail: ridruejo@esi.us.es            than knowledge"
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