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From Daniel Lopez Ridruejo <ridru...@gtex-pracs.us.es>
Subject Re: Newbie question
Date Sat, 02 May 1998 19:37:30 GMT
Hello, Eli

Eli Marmor said:
> > If I had to recommend anything I would recomend to edit files by hand, since 
> :-)  Well, it is exactly what I recommended to this customer...
> But he thought it to be insufficient...
> All of us don't need GUI. But in order to dominate the dumb users,
> Intranets of corporations, etc., we must give them a good GUI.
> Contrary to 52% dominance of Apache among Internets (according to
> http://www.netcraft.com), only 8% of the Intranets are Apache
> (according to Zona Research). And the GUI must support Apache 1.3,
> since many of these users want to run Apache on NT (sorry, but
> this is the case...).

Comanche supports 1.3

Also, I discovered (www.fresheat.net) that Webmin has now (2/5/98)
an Apache module for its HTML configuration interface that seems also quite
complete. I have given it a try and looks good. It is written in perl.
Maybe it could be suitable for your client.

> > Please mail me with coments about what can be improved.
> Well, if I would have to report anything, it would be: Support
> for Apache 1.3. And maybe an integration into the development code
> of Apache Group. I think it must be an integral part of Apache.
> I guess that you meant *technical* comments, rather than these
> comments. But I think these comments are very important for the
> future of Comanche.

I agree with you. Apache should ship with a good management tool. But I also
think that this tool should be complete, flexible and well documented.
Current projects are still in a very early stage of development to fulfill
these goals

Best regards


Daniel Lopez Ridruejo                 "Imagination is more important
E-Mail: ridruejo@esi.us.es            than knowledge"
PGP key: finger ridruejo@esi.us.es    Albert Einstein

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