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From Eli Marmor <mar...@elmar.co.il>
Subject Re: Newbie question
Date Fri, 01 May 1998 16:00:24 GMT
> * The dot file generator is no longer maintained
> * Linuxconf project has an apache module
> * Apachecfg comes with redhat distribution but so long I have not been able to
>   find a homepage for it
> * Warpaint (ugh!)

I have to recommend a tool to a customer. This customer needs it
*NOW*, and I don't know what is the exact status of COMANCHE now.
What tool (of the 4 mentioned + COMANCHE) can be recommended? The
criteria, of course, is how comprehensive is the tool (i.e. number
of supported directives, etc.). I know that most of the tools are
still in Alpha/Beta, but sometimes test-fields versions are better
than not to use anything, or even than final versions of worse

Thanks in advance,
Eli Marmor
El-Mar Software Ltd.

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