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From Eli Marmor <mar...@elmar.co.il>
Subject Re: Newbie question
Date Sat, 02 May 1998 23:17:25 GMT
> If I had to recommend anything I would recomend to edit files by hand, since 

:-)  Well, it is exactly what I recommended to this customer...
But he thought it to be insufficient...

All of us don't need GUI. But in order to dominate the dumb users,
Intranets of corporations, etc., we must give them a good GUI.
Contrary to 52% dominance of Apache among Internets (according to
http://www.netcraft.com), only 8% of the Intranets are Apache
(according to Zona Research). And the GUI must support Apache 1.3,
since many of these users want to run Apache on NT (sorry, but
this is the case...).

> none of the tools are of production quality. Having said this, the only really
> working *NOW* and that supports all directives is comanche. If you want to
> know the exact status you just have to download it and try by yourself.

Currently, I have *MUCH* investment in Apache, but I temporarily
freeze any action, till the final Apache 1.3 will be out.

> Please mail me with coments about what can be improved.

Well, if I would have to report anything, it would be: Support
for Apache 1.3. And maybe an integration into the development code
of Apache Group. I think it must be an integral part of Apache.
I guess that you meant *technical* comments, rather than these
comments. But I think these comments are very important for the
future of Comanche.

Eli Marmor
El-Mar Software Ltd.

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