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From Rich Roth <r...@on-the-net.com>
Subject Re: Newbye question bis
Date Sun, 03 May 1998 16:42:29 GMT
On Sun, 3 May 1998, Dominique Broeglin wrote:

>         Does someone work on a PHP (http://www.php.net) interface for
> apache ? 

The way I see it, the Q is one of having a functional platform - how can
you use PHP pages to manipulate the configuration files of the web server
that is running the PHP ??

FYI, the following approaches have been persued in developing a GUI
interface for apache:

1) Pure stand-alone C code: linuxconf
2) Tcl/tk - Comanche
3) Web based using Perl for CGI and a standalone mini-http server:
4) Python/tk - Redhat
5) Java and snmp - ApacheConfig

This opens the issue of WHAT platform is the GUI on - The split seems to
be X on a local system or Web based

Hope this helps.

So as not to refuse your help (there really is no one to do the refusing,
since it's help where you can), what of the above can you help with ?? Or
how does PHP fit ? 

Apache Gui interfaces listed at: 
		Please post Comments and additions to the list.

Later ...

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