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From "Gary E. Bickford" <ga...@fxt.com>
Subject Re: Newbye question bis
Date Sun, 03 May 1998 22:43:23 GMT
At 6:12 PM -0000 5/3/98, Rich Roth wrote:
>That's why there is no GUI as yet -- most have tried to do too much to
>start with.
>> like the Dynamo java-based engine.  Now, if THAT configuration was doable
>That's that ?? (URL ?)

It's not directly applicable to this issue, but it _is_ interesting.  The
Dynamo 2.0 application server was licensed to Javasoft - you can get it
free from javasoft.  3.0 cost $ unless you go to a free seminar...
http://www.atg.com.  You can also buy packaged setups like Retail Station
for, hummm. $20,000 or so.

In short, it's a second server that can be linked via a module with Apache,
or run standalone.  It allows you to write code inside an html page,
similarly to PHP.  The first time you run the page, Dynamo compiles it into
a java program, and it is fast thereafter - not sure how fast compared to
PHP, perl-mod, etc.

The Sony Station ( http://station.sony.com, maybe?? - Where Wheel of
Fortune & Jeopardy live ) is running Dynamo.  12 million hits a day.
'Course, they're running 6 Sparc E-series computers..., two of which are
running Sybase, two running Dynamo, and two running Netscape server.


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