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From "Gary E. Bickford" <ga...@fxt.com>
Subject Re: Newbye question bis
Date Sun, 03 May 1998 23:01:59 GMT
Good points.  If compiled as a CGI, PHP can run standalone just fine.  I've
used it for a couple of email scripts.  However, it's not really designed
for that.

I've been known to run multiple copies of Apache on a single machine.
Also, the Stronghold model (i.e., running a small server on a different
port) could be done with PHP.  I like the idea of a dedicated program
rather than html, though I already have firewall issues with Stronghold.  I
_have_ used ssh and port forwarding to run the Stronghold config server
(and also the Dynamo Admin server) over the firewall.  Works fine.

At 6:12 PM -0000 5/3/98, Rich Roth wrote:
>So do I, but that still is not controlling the server itself.  What
>happens if the new configuration has a problem -- the gui won't be
>foolproof (as much as we'd like it to be), now you are dead.  Also, how to
>you get started in the first place - makes bootstraping a whole extra
>I know PHP runs both as a mod_php (which is what we do) and as CGI -- can
>it run totally stand-alone ??
>> and other server applications.  But I think Java on both server & client is
>> best (as long as I can run it on the Mac's perennially-late-jdk).
>I have mixed feelings about Java -- too much setup (esp, as to having the
>right set of support class libs) and still too flaky for me.

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