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From Mhano Harkness <mh...@redsquare.com.au>
Subject Re: New GUI for Apache
Date Sun, 19 Mar 2000 08:22:05 GMT

Um, just where on your site?

I couldn't find a mention of it anywhere... i may just be blind or
stupid, but if i am, you wouldn't refuse help to a disabled (blind or
stupid) person now would you?

Or were you just teasing ;)

        Awaiting a flaming.

Stephen Delaney wrote:

> Hi , I'm developing a new GUI for Apache primarily for the Windows
> NT/98/2000 environment, i haven't come up with a particulary
> interesting name yet, so so far it's just called ApacheConf, it will
> be freeware, and will be available from our website
> http://www.desirabledata.com.au Stephen DelaneyDesirable Data

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