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From Umberto Nicoletti <unicole...@arpa.veneto.it>
Subject New GUI for Apache
Date Tue, 23 Apr 2002 09:54:52 GMT
Hello everybody,
I'm writing a GUI for apache.
Right now I 'only' have a working parser (in python).
I need people to submit their configuration files so that I can see if
the parser really works or not.

As soon as I am quite confident that the parser works I'll move on the
Please note that the parser as is does not support include directives.
I'll add them asap.

If you are so kind to contribute your httpd.conf file please note that
it'll be made publicly available.

You can check out the project at apacheconsole.sourceforge.net.

Bye and thanks,

P.S.: please bear with me if I'm posting to the wrong place...
Umberto Nicoletti - unicoletti@arpa.veneto.it | sysmaster@arpa.veneto.it
Tel. 049-8239380 (assistenza)

"We'll try to make different mistakes this time." - Larry Wall

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