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From "Daniel L. McGrew" <da...@northforkhoney.com>
Subject Using Apache2 for Web Hosting
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 08:05:16 GMT
        I'd like to run a Web Hosting service for myself... that is, I've loaded
Apache2 and I can view my stuff via localhost... 
        I'm using no-ip, and I can't view my site at http://danix.no-ip.info/ 
when my IIS computer is plugged in... I don't know why... when I try to
check it out, the page that pops up is the one loaded in my Windows XP Pro
computer (IIS)... 
        I'd love to be able to use Mozilla to view my website, find a typo or
something similar, and switch to composer or frontpage, make the changes,
click save, and be done... but, I have never been able to edit pages
through no-ip... and I'm not certain why... 
        also, when I want to test the setup on the Debian-Sarge computer, 
I simply swap the last octet of the IP which effectively changes the
computers that the router is forwarding the port to... and when I pick the
Debian-Sarge computer it gives me 'The page cannot be found'... 
        Bottom Line:
        1. IIS (mcgrew.no-ip.info) - Port Forwarding - Works
        2. Apache (danix.no-ip.info) - Port Forwarding - Delivers 
what is on the IIS machine until the LAN cord is unplugged from 
the IIS machine... then, It stops working
I don't understand why... 
        is the address I'm using wrong??? that is, should it be 
something else, like;
        http://danix.no-ip.info/Apache2-default/ (doesn't work)... 
or ... 
(doesn't work)??? 

        Should all my files be loaded into the Apache2-default 
directory or the www directory???
        I would really, really like to be able to log into my 
Apache2 server and upload/download/edit pages... I just don't know how to
get that to work... I've downloaded no-ip and installed it... I'm not
certain how to test it to see if it's working... 
        I will appreciate any help that anyone can render...
                        Most sincerely, 

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