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From Thomas Eibner <tho...@stderr.net>
Subject release timeline
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 03:55:23 GMT
As we have already dug up some information about older releases it might
be useful to share this information if anyone is interested in
contributing to it.

We would like for the list to be as complete as we can make it and 
possibly include as much information we can dig up about the release;
the source, new directives that went in, stability etc.

We're using the mailboxes available at http://httpd.apache.org/mail/dev/
to read through the 87,000 emails that have been sent over the period
from March in '95 to now. If you feel like helping, download some of the
mailboxes and submit patches to the release timeline.

  Thomas Eibner <http://thomas.eibner.dk/> DnsZone <http://dnszone.org/>
  mod_pointer <http://stderr.net/mod_pointer> <http://photos.eibner.dk/>
  !(C)<http://copywrong.dk/>                  <http://apachegallery.dk/>
          Putting the HEST in .COM <http://www.hestdesign.com/>

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