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From Daniel Boos <b...@trash.net>
Subject Re: History of the Releases of Apache HTTPD
Date Thu, 12 Jun 2003 07:18:49 GMT
Am Mittwoch, 11. Juni 2003 16.09 schrieb Rich Bowen:

> It is sleeping. We had great plans, and then Real Life got in the way.
> We would be delighted to incorporate any information that you have.

Of course you can incorporate my informations. But I don't have that much 
information. The release cycles are one topic I'm looking at. Other topics 
are the specialisation of work, process of decision taking and the 
I would like to analyse these processes from a sociological point (or rather 
organizational) of view. 

> I think that one problem was that I started reading the email archives,
> which are somewhere around 100K articles right now. That gets tiresome
> very fast. Another approach might be better, but I'm not sure what that
> approach is.

I also started to read several month of the discussion in the mailinglist. And 
I think it is quite hard to read all the messages from the beginning. Maybe 
we could join the forces. First of all we would have to think about a 
categorization of the e-mails and the questions that should be answered. 

- daniel

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