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From Shane Curcuru <...@shanecurcuru.org>
Subject Re: Apache Libcloud "road to 1.0"
Date Wed, 27 Jan 2016 22:31:55 GMT
(Note mixed private/public mailing lists)

Yay libcloud!  Sounds like some awesome energy here.

- You should ask on the privately-archived trademarks@apache.org for
permissions to use the ASF feather logo (note also: we have a brand new
feather now: http://apache.org/foundation/press/kit/ )

In general if this is the PMC producing goods to give away for free, use
is allowed as long as Apache logos aren't combined with other corporate
logos.  Making a libcloud logo shirt with a listing of all your
contributors would be awesome - since they are the people who have built
the software, they certainly can have their names there.  8-)

- The ASF is a public charity, so we have to be careful with our
expenses, but there have been cases where we've provided some funding
for specific project items - hopefully someone else here will speak up
about that.

If you can get another company to pay for the items, that's fine too
from the ASF's point of view, as long as logos aren't combined.  These
should be giveaways promoting libcloud and your community, not some
other company.

- I strongly recommend including private@libcloud (or dev@libcloud) when
discussing this.  That ensures everyone knows the whole PMC is aware of
what's happening.

- Shane

anthony shaw wrote on 1/27/16 4:53 PM:
> To whom it may concern,
> I am on the PMC for Apache Libcloud, which has been a TLP since 2011.
> Tomaz Muraus (PMC Chair) is Cc'ed.
> Libcloud is nearing the major milestone of a 1.0 release, which has
> been many years in the making. We have released a community
> pre-release http://libcloud.apache.org/blog/2016/01/26/libcloud-1-0-0-pre1-released.html
> to get initial feedback.
> To celebrate (and help market) the major milestone we would like to
> design some swag to give away to our contributors that help us release
> 1.0 stable.
> One of the ideas is to have a rock festival themed t-shirt and have
> the "lineup" as a list of the contributors on the back. E.g.
> https://www.rocknshop.de/images/product_images/popup_images/Hurricane_Festival_2014_T_Shirt_Logo_Wolf_Crest_mit_Line_Up_black-9267_1.jpg
> We are also trying to promote more community involvement by speaking
> at local meetups, featured on FLOSS weekly next week as well as
> sharing on social media.
> I have some questions:
> * What help, if any, can we get in help talk and market the 1.0 major
> milestone? Can we post guest blogs on the apache site? I have posted a
> CFP for ApacheCon to talk about the major milestone and feature
> announcements.
> * Can we ask for t-shirt sponsorship from some of the commercial
> organisations that use our project? For example SaltStack, Amazon and
> Google. Can we then mention them and include their logo on the
> t-shirt?
> * If we cannot get sponsorship funding from commercial users, is there
> a marketing fund to assist from the ASF?
> * Can we use the apache brand on the front in line with the libcloud logo?
> Regards,
> Anthony Shaw

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