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From Gunnar Helliesen <gun...@bitcon.no>
Subject RE: Welcome to the Apache Mirror Maintainers mailing list
Date Tue, 22 Apr 1997 12:09:57 GMT
Just to put in my $.02:

I run a busy archive which mirrors many different sites. I have
standardized on mirror.pl and if I for some reason cannot use it any
more to mirror Apache then I will drop the Apache mirror. Simple as
that. Note that I'm not involved in the development of Apache, I just
run an anonymous ftp site here in Norway.


Gunnar Helliesen   | Bergen IT Consult AS  | NetBSD/VAX on a uVAX II
Systems Consultant | Bergen, Norway        | '86 Jaguar Sovereign 4.2
gunnar@bitcon.no   | http://www.bitcon.no/ | '73 Mercedes 280 (240D)

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>From:	Karsten W. Rohrbach [SMTP:rohrbach@nacamar.net]
>Sent:	Tuesday, April 22, 1997 11:35 AM
>To:	Kent Landfield
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>Subject:	Re: Welcome to the Apache Mirror Maintainers mailing list
>im am sorry if you misunderstood me, but i always tend (since i do some
>db/www development here at) to combine distribution systems, so that
>everything is more "standardized". if the core team would use cvsup and
>the mirroring sites would use cvsup, it would be possible to have a
>certain amount of actuality on the apache source (that would enable us
>hackers to get a recent version of the source tree at any time and making
>suggestions would be a more flexible process like the current approach
>with the release bound gnats database).

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